Khukuri beer and curry is a perfect match.
The full bodied malty sweetness with flowery hops and a slight bitter
aftertaste makes a great combination with South Asian and Oriental food.

Khukuri Beer is an appreciation of Nepalese history and culture. The unique selling point of Khukuri Beer is its use of an authentic Nepalese recipe to truly replicate Nepali beer. This ethnic beer is crisp, light, smooth and golden in colour. With its unique satisfying taste, Khukuri Beer gives all beer lovers an intense treat and experience of Nepal.


“To provide authentic premium quality beer to beer lovers whilst promoting the Pride, Tradition and Bravery of the famous Gurkhas”.
The Nepalese and British people have long enjoyed a unique friendship epitomised by the noble Gurkha Regiments of the British Army. Their famous curved blade lends its name to this spectacular beer. Khukuri strives to capture the essence of Nepalese taste and culture, in this superbly smooth premium beer.